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SRD-S rele

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Akumuliatoriaus įkrovimo lygio indikatorius / voltmetras

Tinka švino rūgštinių baterijų įkrovimo lygiui ir įtampai matuoti 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V ir 3,7V ličio jonų

Display: Power, Voltage, Close, the key for cycle.
Voltage range: 8-70V, products will display based on the voltage value, voltage fluctuations, power meter
will be follow as the voltage fluctuation! (Comes with reverse polarity protection, can be guarantee use effectively )
The product is suitable for lead-acid 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V (can be changes via key, specific please
see setup instructions as below)
The product is suitable for 3.7V lithium series multi-platform, 3 string, 4 string, 5 string, 6 string, 7 string and 8 string
9 string 10 string 11 string 12 string 13 string 14 string 15 string (can be changes via key, detail information
please see as below)
Cable Length: 30cm
1. Press and hold switch on the product, power on, automatically select the interface ( please follow
as the code corresponds blow)
2. Select your battery type after corresponding, for example 3 series lithium battery, you need to enter
the selection screen,press the key point to L 3 interface, then off, re-energized, choose success,
such as the need to set 12V lead-acid batteries, the key point press to P12V interface, power,
re-energized, both choose success
3. Instruments can be used if you Select successful . . Meter shows the power interface, tap switch, switch to
voltage interface, click the switch, turn off the meter. cycle shown as the code corresponds
Code: Suitable for
L3: 3 string lithium
L4: 4 string lithium
L5: 5 string lithium
L6: 6 string lithium
L7: 7 string lithium
L8: 8 string lithium
L9: 9 string lithium
L10: 10 string lithium
L11: 11 string lithium
L12: 12 string lithium
L13: 13 string lithium
L14: 14 string lithium
P12V: 12V lead-acid
P24V: 24V lead-acid
P36V: 36V lead-acid
P48V: 48V lead-acid
Special Function Setting (requires electric iron, you must power off setting, electric iron must be grounded)
A point connection, the backlight will be automatically shut down if delay10 seconds , the voltage
fluctuation will automatic wake-up exceeds 0.3V / 0.5 seconds.
B point connection, lithium choose 3-4.1V curve (lithium professionals)
Operating temperature:-10~+70℃


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